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Cruyff Foundation

Cruyff Foundation

AkzoNobel and the Cruyff Foundation have entered into a partnership which involves the company supporting the organization’s projects to make sport more accessible to children around the world.

The Cruyff Foundation was established in 1997 by famous Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff to support sports-based projects for disabled children. Since then, scores of small-scale sports facilities (known as Cruyff Courts) have been set up in neighborhoods where children lack the possibility to play sports in a safe environment.
Thousands of disabled children have also been able to participate in various sports thanks to the Foundation’s support,  while its latest project – Schoolyard14 – is designed to create a more sporting and challenging environment at schools in order to prevent inactivity among young people.


The partnership will establish AkzoNobel as one of the top partners and preferred paint supplier of the Cruyff Foundation, allowing both organizations to join forces and make a difference in communities around the world.  

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